Vulnerability Management for Dynamic IT Environments



Scan, identify and assess vulnerabilities across all assets (on-prem, cloud, mobile, virtual, container) within the organization



Prioritize vulnerabilities analyzing business impact and utilizing additional context from multiple third-party sources 



Remediate and report against numerous industry-specific regulatory standards and benchmarks 

Vulnerability Management Features

End- to- End Management


Address every phase of the vulnerability management lifecycle – from assessment to remediation – eliminating the need for multiple overlapping solutions to address vulnerability management risks. 

Zero- Gap Coverage


Discover and assess any IT resource in the organization including network, web, mobile, cloud and virtual infrastructures.

Risk in Context


Make smart decisions and take the right actions to best secure the organization by providing a holistic view of enterprise-wide security, including risk from users, accounts and their privileges, and other security solutions such as SIEMs and firewalls. 

Deep Reporting and Analytics


Deep analytics and reporting delivered in a single dashboard ensures that all teams have the information and views they need to effectively manage application and asset risk. 

Integrated Scanning


Retrieve credentials with the highest level of privileges, improving the efficiency of scanning, and making scanning much more thorough than any other solutions available on the market.

Make Better Privilege Decisions


Automatically scan applications for vulnerabilities at run time to better inform IT and security teams on privileged access, enforcing quarantine, reducing application privileges or preventing the launch of an application together based on policy. 

Compliance Reporting

Simplify compliance reporting for Australian Signal Directorate, COBIT, GLBA, HIPAA, HITRUST, ISO-27002, ITIL, MASS 201, NERC-FERC, NIST, PCI, SOX, and many more government and industry mandates with pre-built templates. Centralized reporting and an integrated data warehouse provides long term-trending, analytics and reporting for simple monitoring and streamlined regulatory compliance. 


Configuration Benchmark Scanning

Streamline auditing and reporting against industry configuration guidelines and best practices with integrated templates for operating systems and applications from FDCC, NIST, STIGS, USGCB, CIS, and Microsoft. Audit configurations against internal policies, industry regulations, or recommended best practices. 


Efficient and Effective Patch Management

Close the loop on vulnerabilities by providing seamless patching for Microsoft and third-party applications. Integrated, automated and agentless, the solution improves the efficiency and effectiveness of patch processes. Reduce the effort and expense by leveraging your existing WSUS or SCCM infrastructure 

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