Secure Remote IT Support

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Secure Remote Support - Powered by Bomgar, enables you to quickly access and fix nearly any remote device, running any platform, located anywhere in the world through one secure solution. It offers the security, integration, and management capabilities your IT and customer support organizations need to increase

productivity, improve performance, and deliver a superior customer experience. 

IT ServiceDesk Support


  • Create queues, portals, teams, and policies to perform desktop and mobile device support for internal employees no matter where they are located

  • Use chat support, screen sharing, CRM integration, and skills-based routing to troubleshoot and solve customer issues

Unattended Computers


Replace RDP, VNC, SSH and other hard-to-audit remote control tools with a cross-platform support tool

Remote Access to unattended systems such as Kiosk, Servers and POS Systems

Credential Store


  • Save time by allowing the injection of a complex password directly into a support session

  • Remove the need for service desk analyst to use privileged credentials outside of a support session

  • Reduce the risk of a compromised privileged credential with password rotation 



  • Support Multiple Platforms
  • Support Mobile Devices
  • On or Off Network
  • Avoid cost and maintenance of multiple tools
  • Includes chat-based and remote camera sharing support



  • Highly granular, role-based permissions
  • Record and monitor session activity
  • Enforce least privileges on servicedesk technicians
  • Centralized Management



  • Streamline processes for better efficiency
  • ITSM/CRM System
  • Ticketing Systems
  • Security Providers
  • Inventory Systems
  • Knowledge Management Systems

Service Levels


  • Easy Session Initiation
  • Mobile and web-based support
  • Increased First Call Resolution
  • Collaboration and Escalation
  • Ease of use and reliability 
  • Increase CSAT

Deployment and Architecture


  • On-premise Physical or Virtual Appliance
  • Secure Cloud deployment hosted within Australia
  • Firewall friendly “outbound” connections

Identity Management


  • Credential injection
  • Two factor authentication- Native and RADIUS-based
  • Integration with Active Directory and SAML

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