Privileged Endpoint Management

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DefendPoint supports across a wide variety of operating systems and architectures, including legacy operating systems such as Microsoft XP and Server 2003. Taking a proactive approach to reduce admin users, providing real-world application whitelisting and providing high-risk application protections (Contextual Application Control). 

Defendpoint implements those security principles in a powerful multi-layered prevention engine, which combined with smart design features and simple management tools, allow rapid adoption and low ongoing management requirements.

The solution enables organisations to break down the barriers which have stood in the way of implementing true least privilege, allowing every user to operate from a standard user account - the least privileged account in windows, whilst managing access to the privileged content, tasks, scripts, installers and software which are critical to their role.

By implementing Defendpoint's adaptive execution control, enforces a default-deny approach, which allows the finite number of known-good applications your business needs, to run, instantly addressing the gap left by detection tools by proactively blocking both unwanted applications and malicious payloads from executing.

Organisations are increasingly being attacked by cyber threats targeting their corporately installed and trusted applications. Researches has shown that the most common malware delivery mechanisms are malicious documents and links sent in phishing emails. This threat is mitigated through the use of context aware restrictive controls. Applying context-aware execution controls around common points of ingress, allows Defendpoint to block both malicious payloads as well as native endpoint tools, such as PowerShell, which are not appropriate for the context.

All this functionality is achieved without impacting the end-user's ability to work normally and to quickly adapt to the changing needs of users. Whether it's the need to install new software, manage their endpoint’s configuration or run a new application, these can be supported without requiring policy updates, even if the user is working offline.


Prevent attacks


The vast majority of security breaches involve privileged credentials. Remove admin rights from all users and protect your data. 

Operate efficiently


Delivers a positive user experience, reduced helpdesk tickets, and simplified maintenance. We have all the tools necessary for an environment without admins. 

Achieve compliance


Recognised by organisations such as the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) and the Center for Internet Security (CIS) as the most effective in combating cyber threats.  

Immediate security gains


Achieve fast time to value by removing admin rights in a short timeframe. 

Visibility into user activity


Integrated auditing and reporting capabilities provide visibility of blocked (and allowed) privileged user activity, enabling you to customize policies accordingly. 

Seamless scalability


Proven to scale from 100 to 500,000 desktops.

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