Password Management

Shrink your attack surface and reduce cyber breach risk


Privileged accounts, or passwords, are a common entry point for hackers to compromise a network. In fact, industry analysts estimate that privileged accounts are used in 80% of data breaches. Since many IT professionals use multiple shared privileged accounts to access multiple parts of the network, the volume of credentials to manage and secure is exponential. Passwords are often stored insecurely and in plain text, such as on sticky notes or in unsecure spreadsheets. Many are often forgotten, non-compliant, repeated, rarely or never changed, or shared with the unauthorized person. Cyber criminals may take advantage of these vulnerabilities to steal privileged credentials to access and move laterally around your network, appearing as legitimate users. 

Centralized Password Storage


Manage, rotate, and randomize credentials for privileged accounts, used by both people and systems 

Privileged Credential Discovery


Quickly find and on-board credentials in your environment and retrieve them along with insight on age and status of the credential 

Securing and Automating


Manage credentials for service accounts, cloud services, SSH keys, and app to app access 

Credential Injection


Inject credentials directly into endpoints without exposing plain text passwords 

Audit and Compliance


Automatically monitor, record and log privileged credential activity and set granular permissions for accounts 

Better User Experience


Make it easier for users to retrieve passwords when they are needed and eliminate manual tracking 

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